Tragic Train Accident in India’s Orissa State Claims 288 Lives!

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The death toll in the train accident in the Orissa state of India has reached 288. According to initial investigations, a signal error is believed to have caused the accident.

The collision occurred near the Bahanaga Bazar Train Station in the Balasore region of Orissa state at around 19:20 local time yesterday. Two passenger trains and a freight train were involved in the accident, resulting in the loss of 288 lives and leaving over 900 people injured.

Preliminary findings from the investigation conducted by railway authorities suggest that a “signal error” might have been the cause of the accident. According to information obtained by Indian Express, the passing signal was initially given for the Coromandel Express, but then the signal was canceled, leading to a collision with the freight train on the main track.

While a comprehensive report on the accident is expected to be prepared soon, the reason behind the signaling error and subsequent cancellation is not yet known.

This tragic incident is being described as the “biggest train accident” in the past 20 years in India, raising concerns about a potential increase in the number of casualties. Local residents are also supporting the rescue efforts, and numerous train services have been canceled due to the accident.

Officials have stated that the passenger trains involved in the accident were the Coromandel Express and Yashwatpur-Howrah Express. The passenger train belonging to Coromandel Express, which departed from Shalimar Train Station, was heading towards Chennai Central Train Station.

Pradeep Jena, a senior official from the Orissa state, announced that 200 ambulances, 50 buses, 45 mobile clinics, and over 1,200 police and rescue teams have been dispatched to the region. He expressed gratitude to all the volunteers who donated blood and mentioned that efforts were being made to send doctors, ambulances, and buses as reinforcements. Jena emphasized that their focus is on the rescue operations and investigating the cause of the accident.

Indian President Draupadi Murmu expressed deep sorrow over the “unfortunate accident” on her Twitter account and extended her condolences to the families who lost their loved ones.

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi stated that he had spoken with the Railway Minister regarding the accident and that all necessary support was being provided to those affected. He offered his condolences to the families who lost their loved ones and wished a speedy recovery to the injured.

The United States and the United Nations also issued condolence messages in response to the train accident in India. U.S. National Security Advisor Sullivan expressed deep sadness about the deadly train accident in eastern India and conveyed their sympathy to the many people who lost their loved ones or were injured. The United Nations Secretary-General Antonio Guterres also released a condolence message expressing his sorrow for the victims and their families and wishing a swift recovery to the injured. (Buzdağı Haber)

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